Salary Structure of Nigerian University Lecturers

Most Nigerians that want to go into academics would want to know the salary structure of Nigerian university lecturers.

Here is what most people do ask:

How much does a Professor earn in a Nigerian University?

How much does a graduate assistant earn?

How much does an assistant lecturer earn?

Don’t worry, has compiled the full salary structure of Nigerian Universities

Salary Structure of Nigerian University Lecturers

Salary Structure of Nigerian University Lecturers

Find below the Salary Scale and Conditions of Service as obtainable by Lecturers and some other staff in Nigerian Universities:

iProfessorCONUASS 7(N4,580,349 – N6,020,163.00)p.a.
iiReaderCONUASS 6(N3,768,221 – N5,004,750.00)p.a.
iiiSenior LecturerCONUASS 5(N3,091,505 – N4,455,506.00)p.a.
ivLecturer ICONUASS 4(N2,079,996 – N2,684,010.00)p.a.
vLecturer IICONUASS 3(N1,649,509 – N1,979,640.00)p.a.
i.Deputy Unuversity LibrarianCONUASS 6(N3,768,221 – N5,004,750.00)p.a.
ii.Principal LibrarianCONUASS 5(N3,091,505 – N4,455,506.00)p.a.
iii.Senior LibrarianCONUASS 4(N2,079,996 – N2,684,010.00) p.a.
iv.Librarian ICONUASS 3(N1,649,509- N1,979,640.00)p.a
v.Librarian IICONUASS 2(N1,451,071 – N1,754,902.00)p.a
vi.Graduate LibrarianCONUASS 1(N1,263,377-  N1,447,767.00)p.a
i.CONTISS 13(N2,723,069 – N3,632,404.00)p.a.
ii.CONTISS 12(N2,014,717 –N2,827,525.00)p.a.
iii.CONTISS 11(N1,823,167 – N2,578,127.00)p.a.
iv.CONTISS 9(N1,449,363 –N2,109,627.00)p.a.
v.CONTISS 8(N1,247,854 – N1,855,515.00)p.a.
vi.CONTISS 7(N1,073,217-  N1,589,508.00)p.a.
v.CONTISS 6(N698,251 – N1,062,683.00)p.a.

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